Are You Suffering from a Global Payroll Hangover?

So you signed up with a traditional global payroll provider (ADP, CloudPay, Safeguard, NGA, SD Worx, etc. – just to name a few common examples) for an integrated global payroll solution. The provider told your global payroll environment would be significantly simplified and streamlined by using their solution. No more having to deal with the complexities of the local payroll vendors, they will handle all of that on your behalf and give you a consistent global payroll experience.

After months of endless, painful and costly re-implementations & migrations of all your local payroll solutions to the solutions dictated by the global provider, your team is exhausted but looking forward to the simplified and streamlined operations. Only to find that the realities are quite different and that you’re waking up to a massive global payroll hangover.

Symptoms include:

  • Resolving payroll issues is more cumbersome and time-consuming than ever because you have to run everything through the global provider’s central service delivery team first who has little understanding of the real issues but acts as a glorified service request chaser that adds little value but more time to the process
  • The service levels and responsiveness of the local payroll partners have gotten worse because they are resting comfortably on their laurels as the designated exclusive local payroll partner of the global provider, facing no real, imminent risk of being replaced
  • Issue in local service execution are brushed under the rug because the global provider has no interest in exposing their local payroll “chums”
  • Important local service elements (e.g. in-person filings required in certain countries) are outside of the scope that the global provider and their local payroll partners are prepared to deliver, so you have to either do them yourself or hire another local partner to perform these tasks on your behalf, suddenly adding another layer of complexity that didn’t exist before
  • Day-to-day processes are still largely manual and tooling is at the level of spreadsheets being filled in and being sent around
  • You’re spending 3-5 times per payslip in service fees for the global payroll service

Doctor recommended remedy against this sort of global payroll hangover:

  • Keep using the local payroll vendors whom you like and who provide you with superior service, replace the vendors that don’t pass muster, and keep vendors on their toes by taking advantage of Payzaar’s plug & play ability to integrate local solutions & vendors
  • Get full transparency of your local payroll operations and process performance through Payzaar’s Operations Control dashboard
  • Access all your global payroll data (down to the individual employee details) across all countries through Payzaar’s Global Reporting dashboard
  • Pay market-competitive local payroll fees instead of massively inflated global provider fees

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Marc-Oliver Fiedler

Marc-Oliver Fiedler

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