Breaking Down Payroll Compliance

Breaking Down Payroll Compliance   In the payroll world, compliance is of utmost importance. Payroll is highly regulated and as an employer, you need to make sure that you pay 100% of your employees, 100% accurately, 100% of the time. Mistakes can be very costly and lead to major headaches. Not surprisingly, payroll compliance ranks very […]

Shadow Payroll – What it is and how to apply it properly

Shadow Payroll  If you are working in a multinational environment, you have probably come across the term “shadow payroll” and you probably have a vague concept of it. But what exactly constitutes a shadow payroll and how does it really work? Well, this article is intended to clarify the concept of shadow payroll, when it […]

Revolutionizing Global HR & Payroll Data Management

All Your Global HR & Payroll Data in ONE Place Without the Pain of a Big HCM Implementation The Challenge Most HR departments today struggle with their HR & Payroll Data Management. With too many different systems and data sources. A recent study by ADP showed that the typical multinational company has on average more […]

6 Key Trends and Predictions for HR & Payroll in 2021

In this article, we will lay out the key HR & Payroll trends for 2021. 2020 is over and many of us couldn’t wait for it to come to an end. It was a year filled with unprecedented changes and challenges for the global community at so many levels. COVID pandemic triggered a health emergency […]

How Can Payroll Catch Up With Innovation

How can Payroll catch up with innovation? The Payroll industry has a somewhat “sleepy” reputation when it comes to innovation. Having worked in the Payroll industry for the better part of the last 10 years, my personal observation – from speaking with friends, colleagues, consultants, analysts, investors, etc. –is that most people consider payroll to […]

An Easy Way to Global HR & Payroll Reporting for SMBs

Many multinational companies these days are rolling out global HCM solutions (e.g. from Workday, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.) with the goal of bringing all their employee data together in one global system and have access to global HR and payroll reporting. However, such global HCM implementations are not for everyone, surely not for SMBs: They require significant investment (in […]

How Remote Work Will Impact Global Payroll

Since the Coronavirus crisis has spread around the world over the past year, the majority of business has gotten used to remote operations. Even businesses and functions that probably could have never imagined working from home had to adjust and improvise under imperatives of social distancing. Remote work will have an impact on global payroll. While […]

3 Critical Ways for Payroll to Seat in the Boardroom

Payroll has long been an overlooked function in many organizations. It is often deemed to be a necessary back-office function of little strategic importance or value to the success of the company. As far as corporate hierarchies go, it is probably fair to say that Payroll ranks near the bottom of the totem pole – […]

Cost Reduction Measures in Payroll

The Next-Level COVID-19 Impact: Cost Reduction Measures in Payroll Payroll teams around the world have been working incredibly hard over the past few weeks to protect the business continuity of their companies in the face of the global Coronavirus pandemic and to make sure employees are getting paid accurately and on time. The challenges they […]

Checklist: 10 Must-Dos under COVID-19

As we discussed in our previous article “Managing Payroll in Times of the Coronavirus”, Payroll teams everywhere are being impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic. The impact includes having to work remotely, team members being out on sick leave, payroll providers not being able to offer their normal support and services, as well as a […]


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