Automation & Digitization

Global payroll automation and digitization

The Challenge

Digitizing and automating your global payroll processes is crucial to ease the burden on the payroll team and give you better control over your entire global payroll operations. Old “automated” models are expensive and take a long time to implement. For most global payroll leaders taking the step to an automated and digitized payroll process can be difficult and sometimes it´s not even possible.

Payzaar Approach

With Payzaar’s open payroll software technology, we help clients to introduce digitization and automation into their payrolls in an efficient and quick way. Our Open model let payroll teams keep their existing operations and local payroll solutions, but integrating them all together in a single modern global payroll platform.  Using the most advanced technology such as Robotic Process Automation, Payzaar aims to bring to everyone a new way of processing global payroll, fully automated and digitized.  

Data Validation

Using the principles of RPA (Robotic Process Automation),The Variance Analysis feature gives you an automated validation of your payroll data.
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Operations & Control

Have total control over your global payroll operations. Payzaar’s powerful dashboards and workflows let you manage your day-to-day payroll activities in a more efficient and standardised manner. Increase your team’s productivity.
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