Global HR & Payroll Data Management

All Your Data in ONE Place Without the Pain of a Big HCM Implementation

The Challenge:

Many HR and Payroll departments struggle with employee data being spread across too many different systems and data sources (e.g Core HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance, Benefits, Expenses, etc.)

Managing your employee data in a reliable and efficient manner becomes virtually impossible in this kind of fragmented system landscape.

Global HR and Payroll Data Management

The Global HCM Solutions

In the past companies have typically turned towards global HCM solutions like Workday, SAP, Oracle, Kronos/Ultimate, Sage, BambooHR, etc. in order to consolidate and streamline all their HR information in one central system. However, these global HCM solutions come with a number of important shortcomings:

  • Expensive and time-consuming implementations
  • Lack of adequate localizations
  • Local resistance to switch from local solutions,
    hence laggard adoption
  • Generic functionality inferior to specialized best-of-breed solutions

Conclusion: Global HCM solutions require a lot of money, resources and time to make them work, and many of these implementations do not yield the desired results.

The New Approach

An open HR & Payroll Integration Platform like Payzaar, can consolidate all your employee data in one central platform while keeping your existing local solutions.
Get the best of both worlds:

  • Let your local countries manage their HR and Payroll data in local systems that best fit their specific local needs and minimize the disruption for them
  • Consolidate all your global employee data for corporate management controls, central visibility and powerful consistent reporting in one central system

Benefits of an open HR & Payroll Integration Platform are:

  • Minimal Disruption – keep your existing local solution
  • Fast Implementation – in days instead of months
  • Flexible Integration – works with essentially any existing solution
  • Low Cost – spend a fraction of the cost for a global HCM solution

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