Pardon your Global Payroll and give it new life

So you need to pay employees across many countries and you are dealing with lots of different country solutions and different local vendors. Which means:

  • Different languages
  • Different processes
  • Different systems
  • Different reports
  • Different data formats
  • Different currencies
  • Different… everything!

And that in turn makes it incredibly difficult to have visibility into what is really happening across your different local payrolls:

  • Is all the data being collected and submitted to the local payroll processor on time?
  • Are issues being resolved in a timely manner?
  • Are employees getting paid on time and accurately?
  • Are the required statutory filings being submitted properly?
  • Is sensitive employee data being handled securely?

So you spend countless hours chasing status updates, collecting local inputs and information, trying to make sense of different formats in different languages… only to find that by the time you finally have all the information, it’s already outdated again.

With Payzaar’s global payroll management platform, you can now have complete visibility and confidence in your global payroll operations. We offer you:

  • Status Dashboard: Detailed status tracking of all your local payroll workflows (who is working on what, are we delayed or stuck somewhere and if so, why)
  • Task Manager: Digitize your processes and systematically assign tasks in your workflows, triggering alerts & escalations for upcoming/overdue deadlines
  • Collaboration Hub: Secure closed-loop communication and data handling across internal and external team members (in compliance with GDPR regulations)
  • Compliance Tracker: See all your statutory filing obligations at a glance and track & document that the required information is being filed on time
  • Reporting Dashboard: Access and analyze all your employees’ data through our consolidated reporting dashboard and extract custom reports
  • Data Validation: Automated checks of all your payroll data to flag anomalies or inconsistencies, going well beyond spot checks or summary level analyses

And much, much more…. learn more here.

What makes Payzaar unique? With Payzaar you don’t have to change your local payroll solutions. Keep the existing providers and local systems, but leverage Payzaar’s easy-to-deploy, intuitive-to-use management platform to help you simplify, streamline and automate your payroll operations and get visibility and controls in place.

Learn more about Payzaar’s innovative new approach to global payroll – click here.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us  and we’d be happy to send you more information. Or simply request a demo of our solution.

Marc-Oliver Fiedler

Marc-Oliver Fiedler

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