Governance & Compliance

Global payroll governance and payroll compliance

The Challenge

Payroll compliance and governance are continuously hunting payroll teams. While compliance is one of the most critical aspects of payroll operations you cannot achieve it without having fully governance of your processes. When payroll risks are not managed correctly, using the right tools and best practices, you might constantly find yourself committing costly mistakes due to not being compliant or you might not being aware that payroll fraud is being perpetrated in your company.

Payzaar Approach

Payzaar gives you full control over your entire global payroll operations. It gives you visibility and easy access to past and present pay cycles giving you strong governance capabilities, letting you achieve payroll compliance.

With Payzaar you will be able to define payroll ownerships and responsibilities, have full visibility and control into your processes, audit trails over every step of your operations, strict controls over your local vendors and secure communication with local payroll providers. 

Vendor Management

Manage your local payroll providers more efficiently. Payzaar gives you a collaboration space to work with providers, centralizing all tasks. Track all your KPIs and SLAs. 100% audit trail to understand your process.
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Operations & Control

Have total control over your global payroll operations. Payzaar’s powerful dashboards and workflows let you manage your day-to-day payroll activities in a more efficient and standardised manner. Increase your team’s productivity.
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