HR Connect

On average, payroll teams spend 60% of their time processing and preparing data to run payroll.

During every pay cycle, payroll teams must process data from myriad sources, such as global HR systems (Workday, Oracle, SAP, UKG, etc.), HR subsystems for time & attendance, commissions, benefits, and others, as well as simple spreadsheets.

This information is needed so local payroll providers can calculate payroll correctly, but with no standardization of inputs and outputs, it is up to payroll teams to manually cut, slice, and reconfigure these diverse sources and translate them into a language that is intelligible to each local payroll.

Payzaar HR Connect is a many to one integration solution to connect all your HR data sources directly to your payroll, creating a single unified format and eliminating the need to manually wrangle data and manage dozens of spreadsheets.

Easily map your HR data and stop dedicating dozens of hours to manual data preparation.

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