HR, Payroll and Finance Integration

The Challenge

Integrating the information flows between HR, Payroll and Finance are crucial. Each of these three functions deals with similar, often overlapping information around the employees. However, in many organizations today the HR, Payroll and Finance systems are siloed and do not communicate with each other. That leads to:

  • Manual, time-consuming data re-entry across systems
  • Inconsistencies between different systems
  • Errors due to manual data updates
  • Higher risk of potential fraud

The Answer

With Payzaar’s innovative integration technology, we help clients to integrate their Payroll, HR and Finance environments through the Payzaar Integration Hub in a seamless manner, thereby achieving:

  • Increased process efficiency
  • Fewer errors
  • Stronger compliance and governance
HR Payroll Finance Integration

The Payzaar Difference

Payzaar is unique. Payzaar is the first OPEN platform that allows you to integrate ANY local payrolls through our central integration hub. Either integrate your existing local payroll solutions or choose one of the vendors who is already part of the Payzaar ecosystem. Payzaar gives you unparalleled flexibility and choice to work with the best-in-class local payroll providers who fit your specific needs.

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Payroll Integration

You are working with many different local payrolls that operate in a fragmented, disjoint manner. With Payzaar, you can easily connect all your local payrolls in our single global platform, standardizing and automating your processes and data across countries. As a result, you get better process efficiency, stronger governance and powerful integrated reporting across all your payroll data.

HR Integration

With Payzaar HCM Connect you can integrate your HRIS as well as other sources of data (e.g. Time & Attendance, Benefits, Expenses or even spreadsheets) with ANY of your local payroll solutions. Avoid the need for manual data re-entry, drive more real-time data inputs, and quickly validate data for accuracy.

Finance Integration

With Payzaar Accounting Connect we generate automated General Ledger extracts from your Payroll system to feed into your Finance & Accounting system. The solution is flexible to align with your specific needs regarding data fields and data layout. It ultimately reduces manual intervention, accelerates the time to post data, strengthens the governance and improves the accuracy. 

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