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Our team has many years of experience in working with multinational companies deploying HR and Payroll solutions and in building innovative technology solutions to support their business strategies. Based on our work with clients from around the world and our own market research, we are sharing some key learnings and insights in the following white papers and tools.

All of our white papers and tools are FREE and can be downloaded directly from our website below.

White Papers

eBook: How to Build a World-Class Payroll Shared Service Organization

In this eBook, you will learn why to move towards a Payroll Shared Services model. Understand the key considerations for a Shared Services model. Understand how to successfully implement a evolve to a Shared Services model.

eBook: Defining a Winning Global Payroll Strategy In a COVID-19 Altered World

In this eBook you will learn what you must do to manage your global payroll environment successfully under the new normal. Understand the 4 key areas for action to improve your payroll operations: Cost Reduction & Efficiency, Stronger Resilience, Increased Flexibility and Better Data Insights.

Payroll Strategy for High-Growth Companies

In this white paper, you will learn about payroll best practices for high-growth companies. The challenges of global payroll and the benefits of a global payroll solution. You will also discover the difference between closed and open aggregator models and which one is best for your company.

6 Key Tools for Payroll Providers in 2020

In this free white paper, you will learn about the key tools that payroll providers should adopt in 2020 in order to win more business and improve the efficiency of their service delivery. We will also discuss ways to adopt these tools in a quick and efficient manner.

Why Payroll Providers Need to Upgrade Their Technology Strategies

In this free white paper we discuss the challenges of traditional payroll delivery models and outline the benefits that payroll providers can reap by implementing a modern front-end technology platform to improve their payroll service operations.

NGOs and Global Payroll

This white paper discusses the particular challenges NGOs are facing in managing the payrolls for staff around the world and suggests various approaches by which NGOs can overcome these challenges to ensure a reliable, efficient and scalable payroll environment.

GDPR and Payroll

This white paper examines the impact of the new GDPR regulations introduced in May 2018 on the payroll function and discusses important enhancements required to payroll operations to ensure compliance with GDPR.


Global Payroll Business Case Template

The open global payroll model tends to be less disruptive (no need to rip and replace your existing local payrolls), has a faster return on investment and lower overall fees in the long run. Download our calculation tool and check out how.

International Payroll Providers Network

We can help you find the right vendor for your needs to ensure that your international employees get paid in a reliable, efficient and compliant way.

Payroll Vendor Cost Benchmark

Reduce your vendor costs: Having worked in the payroll industry for the past 20+ years and partnering with many payroll vendors around the world, we observe that costs between different vendors can vary significantly. Get a FREE cost benchmark of your current payroll vendors and learn how much you could save.


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