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Payzaar allows you to streamline and automate your payroll operations across countries and manage them in a more compliant, efficient and reliable manner.

Payzaar is easy to set up and intuitive to use. No long arduous implementation required.

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Global Payroll Transformation Without Any Hassle

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Transform your international payroll operations without any hassle. Integrate all your local payrolls without having to replace your existing payroll solutions.

Payzaar is the first OPEN payroll software. Is designed to support and interoperate with ANY local payroll solution. Keep your existing vendor or swap in any new local payroll solution while benefiting from the integration, automation, management controls and compliance that Payzaar offers.

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Consolidate all your HR & Payroll data in one single global platform. 

  • Automation & Integration
  • Less Risk
  • Less Disruption
  • More Felixibility
  • Improved Compliance 
  • Strengthen Oversight and Controls.
  • Fast Implementation

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