Revolutionizing HR and Payroll Data Management

Revolutionizing Global HR & Payroll Data Management

All Your Global HR & Payroll Data in ONE Place Without the Pain of a Big HCM Implementation

The Challenge

Most HR departments today struggle with their HR & Payroll Data Management. With too many different systems and data sources. A recent study by ADP showed that the typical multinational company has on average more than 30 different Payroll systems and another 30 different HR systems. Managing your employee data in a reliable and efficient manner becomes virtually impossible in that kind of system landscape. In order to run any kind of consolidated report or analysis, you need to cobble together data from many different systems, which is very time-consuming, error-prone and for most organizations simply not practical.

At the same time, facing the uncertainties of today’s economic and sociopolitical environment it is important that your organization remains agile and is able to adapt quickly. Therefore, it is more critical than ever that you have strong control over and quick access to up-to-date employee information across your entire global organization. In order to help your senior leadership teams to make the right decisions for the company and to take actions swiftly and decisively, you need to be able to create a comprehensive, reliable picture about your employees and the associated labor costs from a variety of data sources.

Needs for having central access to the employee information can vary depending on the situation:

  • You may want to have access to all of your employees’ current contact information in order to reliably communicate time-sensitive information to them
  • You may want to analyze employee behavioral patterns such as overtime, leave taken and vacation accrued as well as expense claims submitted in order to manage labor-related costs and liabilities in a more diligent manner
  • You may want to understand trends in structural employment factors such as employee turnover, changes in statutory social charges, bonus distributions across departments, etc. to make better strategic decisions about your workforce in alignment with the company’s growth targets
    In each case, you require a strong central HR data environment to readily meet these needs.

The Global HCM Solutions

Up to now, companies have typically turned towards global HCM solutions like Workday, SAP, Oracle, Kronos/Ultimate, Sage, BambooHR, etc. in order to consolidate and streamline all their HR information in one central platform. However, these global HCM solutions come with a number of important shortcomings:

  1. Expensive: Depending on the size of your organization, the deployment of such a solution will cost you hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and will require many months of arduous implementation.
  2. Lack of Localization: These global HCM solutions make it necessary for your local teams to change from their existing HR and Payroll systems and the global solutions are often not as localized to the specific country context as your HR teams and employees in-country expect them to be.
  3. One-size-fits-all: These global solutions also do not handle all aspects of HR data management equally well, for example, you will typically still require local payroll solutions because the global HCM platform cannot handle the complexities of local payrolls (similar for Time & Attendance and Benefits)
  4. Local Resistance: Mandating a central HCM platform over different local systems then often leads to a political struggle between the local and central teams, which can result in the local teams undermining the rollout of the global platform and the global platform ultimately not being effectively implemented and used in the local context
  5. Lack of Adoption: The above often leads to data maintained in the central HCM platforms being less reliable than required and data still being maintained in local “shadow” systems to fit the local requirements

In many ways, global HCM implementations often fall short of their expectations:
        a) they cost a ton of money, internal resources and time to roll out,
        b) they often meet resistance at the local level and
        c) they fail to bring the value they promised to deliver

In summary, the rollout of a global HCM platform is not for the faint of heart and requires a lot of money, resources and time to make it work, as anyone who has gone through such a rollout will tell you.

The New Approach

The good news is there is a new, more efficient way you can bring together all your global employee data in one place. With an open HR & Payroll Integration Platform like Payzaar, you can consolidate all your HR data in one central platform while keeping your existing local solutions. Which really means you get the best of both worlds:

  • You let your local countries manage their HR and Payroll data in local systems that best fit their specific local needs and minimize the disruption for them, AND
  • You consolidate all your global employee data for corporate management controls, central visibility and powerful consistent reporting in one central system.

The benefits of such a Global HR & Payroll Integration Platform are easy to see:

  1. No Disruption: No need to change your local systems which create less disruption for your local teams and allows them to use best-of-breed local or regional tools to fit their needs.
  2. Fast Implementation: Payzaar’s integration hub can readily be deployed in a matter of days on top of your existing local systems, no lengthy, risk-prone implementations required.
  3. Powerful Integration: You gain reliable, real-time access to all local data via one central platform so you can tap into up-to-date information across all your employees (demographic data, salary data, HR data, time & attendance data, benefits data, etc.).
  4. Low Cost: The cost of Payzaar is the fraction of the cost for a typical global HCM platform so you can manage all your employees in one system without having to spend a fortune

Want to learn more? Check out our solution overview that gives you more details about the different functions and features of our platform or simply Request a trial 

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Marc-Oliver Fiedler

Marc-Oliver Fiedler

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