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Global Payroll Made Smart, Easy and Secure

Payzaar is the first open marketplace for managing your global payroll operations. It enables you to integrate and harmonize all your local payroll solutions without having to replace them, using one single global platform as your main payroll tool across all your countries.  As a result, we help you create global payroll operations that are:

More Efficient

Standardizing processes across the organisation and pinpointing areas for operational improvements through detailed tracking of  key performance metrics (KPIs).

More Compliant

Digitizing your payroll processes, storing key information in one secure archive and proactively alerting you when you are running the risk of not meeting local filing requirements

More Secure

Ensuring all internal and external communication and data exchange with local providers is fully traceable and securely encrypted, preventing potential fraud and protecting the privacy of your data

More Insights-Driven

Aggregating all your local payroll data into one consolidated global reporting model, readily allowing you to dissect and benchmark your payroll data based on a consistent underlying database

Functional Overview

Payzaar consists of three main functional pillars:

Operations Controls

Payzaar’ Operations Controls enable you to manage your global payroll in a more efficient manner and with stronger operational controls. Institute standard processes across all your local payroll operations, increase your team’s productivity, get better oversight on local payroll execution and ensure tighter compliance.

Payzaar’s Operations Controls solution includes:

Process Streamlining

Structuring local processes into one consistent global workflow model with clear due dates and ownership defined

Task Management

Organizing local payroll managers’ daily tasks based on urgency, with built-in escalation and delegation options

Secure Collaboration

Secure environment for all internal and external team members to communicate and exchange information

Progress Monitoring

Real-time updates on the status of any payroll run in the company and ability to quickly drill down into local issues

Compliance Tracking

Proactive tracking timely submission of all required filings to local agencies and prioritizing necessary escalations

KPI Dashboard

Measure KPIs – e.g. productivity, quality, timeliness – across all your global payroll teams to identify areas for improvement

payzaar dashboard

Take a demo and learn how Payzaar can connect your global payroll operations.

Reporting & Analytics

Track your global payroll data (i.e. employees and all associated payroll cost elements) in one consolidated and consistent global reporting model. Analyze and benchmark your data to really understand your workforce cost, drill into local details and identify outliers and patterns quickly.

Payzaar’s Reporting & Analytics solution includes:

Consolidated Reporting

Aggregate all your local payroll data into one central reporting model; drill back into local source data to reconcile global and local data

Configurable Data Views

Define your own global reporting categories and views that matter to you and how you want look at your data

Flexible Drill-downs

Zoom into sub-sets of the data (all the way to employee level) to discern segment trends and individual employee outliers

Proactive Alerts

Define alerts to automatically get notified when certain threshold conditions are met or exceeded (e.g. overtime pay > 5%)

General Ledger Mapping

Easily map output of payroll data back to global general ledger system for automated data feeds into the finance system(s)

Data Import

Standardize your data imports across countries and digitize the entire data submission process to make it more reliable and auditable. Streamline your data imports via automated data feeds from your HR systems as well as easy self-service data entry.

Payzaar’s Data Import solution includes:

Central File Data Loads

Upload data extracts out of your HR backend systems in one central, secure place (all standard file formats supported)

Free Form Submissions

Augment structured data extracts with free-form, manual data “top-ups” (e.g. submit instructions for exceptional bonus payouts)

Local Data Requirements*

Review and track your local providers’ evolving data input requirements (i.e. data, format, frequency, etc.) in one central dashboard

HR Integrations*

Direct data loads (via ETL technology) from various backend systems (SAP, Oracle, Workday, Kronos, etc.) to local payroll fields

* Coming Soon