Vendor Management

Managing your local payroll providers in a global organization can be challenging, especially when they are in remote locations of the world and you have small local teams who are covering payroll next a variety of other responsibilities. Different languages, different time zones, different business practices, different systems and communication platforms, lack of visibility, lack of responsiveness – those are just some of the complexities and frustrations that many multinational payroll functions are facing. With Payzaar’s Vendor Management solution, we help you to manage your local payroll providers in a more effective and reliable way.

  • Task Manager

    Central global task management to effectively track progress and resolve issues.

  • Performance Tracker

    Systematic tracking of KPIs & SLAs. Full operational transparency to hold vendors liable.

  • Vendor Choice

    Access to our global partner network, get support with your vendor selection and issues resolution.

  • Collaboration Space

    Unified payroll-specific collaboration space to ensure quick, efficient and secure communication

  • Benchmarking

    Compare your vendors’ performance to their peers to better understand where you stand.

  • Audit

    100% audit trail to be able to trace back issues and identify process and performance gaps.

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Choose from more than 50 top tier local payroll providers around the world based on desired service scope, vendor reputation and price points to meet your specific needs.

AutomatedManage your payroll providers to ensure best possible local support

Leverage Payzaar’s comprehensive Vendor Management solution to get full accountability and best performance out of your local payroll partners.

Rest assured to stay compliant with local laws and regulations

No more sleepless nights due to fears of missing critical filing requirements with Payzaar’s Global Compliance Tracker.

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