Pitfalls in a Global Payroll Solution

Session #3 from the Series “Defining and Executing a Global Payroll Strategy”

Running a global payroll environment can be a very complex and challenging experience, even for the most sophisticated multinational organizations. As a result, many organizations are looking to simplify and streamline their payroll operations by rolling out global payroll models.

Having a clearly defined global payroll strategy is critical. But as with any large transformation initiative, the success of a global payroll initiative hinges not just upon the strategic design but also upon the successful implementation. In the third part of this three-part series, we discuss the most common pitfalls in rolling out your global payroll model and how to avoid them:

  •  Myth of a single global contract
  •  Local add-ons: death by a thousand paper cuts
  •  Managed service vs. self-service 
  •  Global service delivery managers: enabler or obstacle
  • “Hotel California” syndrome: the hidden exit claws in global payroll contracts
  •  Piloting vs. Big Bang rollouts


Marc-Oliver Fiedler is the co-founder and CEO of Payzaar, an innovative Global Payroll platform. Marc-Oliver has been a pioneer in building global cloud solutions at companies like ADP, Oracle and Hewlett Packard. He started his career as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group running strategy transformation projects for Fortune 500 companies.

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