Building better integration between HR and Payroll: a conversation with Grant Thornton’s Miranda Humphries

Over the last few years, at Payzaar we’ve had hundreds of conversations with payroll leaders at multinational organizations. Each company has its own unique set of challenges, but there’s a recurring challenge that keeps popping up: integration between HR and payroll. Our friends in the industry report dedicating around 60% of their time to pre-payroll […]

Impact of a Global HCM Solution on Payroll

About 8 out of 10 companies have either recently implemented a global HCM platform (like Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM Fusion, Ultimate), is in the process of implementing it or is working towards such an implementation over the coming months.There are a few key things to keep in mind when your company is looking at a global HCM solution and its implications for payroll. Read here to know more.

Is Payroll at the Corporate Core of Data Risk?

Payroll teams are sitting at the centre of the greatest level of manual processing of personal data within the organisation today. They are hampered by disconnected systems, face a lack of end-to-end processes and subjected to constant deadline pressures to ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time. Against this backdrop, the organisation is […]

Payzaar CEO on Lohn + Gehalt: Process Automation in Global Payroll

Anyone who has ever worked in payroll knows that billing operations are often very manual and labor intensive. In addition to collecting and preparing data for payroll, one of the most time-consuming activities in many companies is reviewing the calculated payroll data that the external payroll service provider or the internal payroll team created. We recently spoke […]

Payzaar’s CEO on GPAlive: How Tech Is Changing Payroll

Marc-Oliver Fiedler is the co-founder and CEO of Irish global payroll technology platform start-up, Payzaar. He shares his views of the market, where it is going and how he hopes to shake it up. He started out managing HP’s business process outsourcing division, which included payroll-related services, in the mid-2000s. Next came a stint at […]

Are You Suffering from a Global Payroll Hangover?

So you signed up with a traditional global payroll provider (ADP, CloudPay, Safeguard, NGA, SD Worx, etc. – just to name a few common examples) for an integrated global payroll solution. The provider told your global payroll environment would be significantly simplified and streamlined by using their solution. No more having to deal with the complexities […]

10 Signs Your Global Payroll Needs an Overhaul

So how does your global payroll stack up to market benchmarks? Are you keeping up with global payroll innovation or are you lagging behind? Well, here are 10 signs that your global payroll needs an overhaul: You are not operating in a shared services structure where all payroll admins are operating out of global or […]


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