Why You Don’t Need An Aggregator To Get Global Payroll Right

Global payroll management is a lot more than just processing payroll. It’s about establishing a system of controls, processes, and procedures that enable the organization to manage its international payroll at scale with a high degree of standardization and strong centralized governance. In the past, the only way to achieve an elevated level of standardization […]

A Global Payroll Control Layer for Multinational Organizations

Payroll management is a crucial aspect of any organization, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time. However, when it comes to multinational organizations, managing payroll can be a complex and challenging task.  With different countries, currencies, and regulations, global payroll management requires a specialized approach to ensure compliance and accuracy. This is where […]

Introducing Payzaar Automated Data Validation

One of the most time-consuming tasks in payroll is performing quality control on data. Data that feeds into the payroll process must be carefully validated before being used to calculate payroll, and likewise, outputs must be checked before payroll is approved and payments can be issued to employees. This work is indispensable and must be […]

The Challenges of Managing Payroll at a High-Growth Company

Accelerated growth adds a whole new level of complexity to payroll’s ordinary operations, as it entails enabling expansion into new countries, servicing fast-paced headcount increases, and designing future-proof processes that can support this growth in the long term. Whether your organization is already at a high-growth stage or expecting to enter it shortly, the more […]

Managing Global Payroll & HR with a Platform-as-a-Service approach

As multinational organizations become more complex, with larger workforces and more payrolls to manage, the amount of manual revision and data reconfiguration required to process payroll grows exponentially. Reviewing every line item by hand, eyeballing all elements to locate missing data or possible errors, and double and triple-checking each employee file for each entity becomes […]

A Payroll Transformation Checklist – What to look at before embarking on a project

Starting a payroll transformation project is not an easy decision, but it can be extremely rewarding if executed correctly. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of companies launch successful payroll transformation projects, and one of the biggest takeaways is that the preparation and planning that is done before kick-off is just as important as working […]

Leveraging Payroll Data for Greater Impact Within the Organization: a conversation with Blue Prism’s Stuart Hough

The importance of data in business is growing exponentially. Payroll reporting and payroll data are hot topics nowadays, with businesses becoming increasingly data-driven and looking for new ways to use the great amounts of information available to improve performance, reduce costs, and make better decisions. Responsible for managing the single largest cost in the organization, […]

The Experts’ Checklist For a Global Payroll Manager’s First 90 Days

The first few weeks leading payroll at a global organization are nothing short of challenging. First of all because, of course, it is essential to keep the organization’s payroll operation working to avoid any hiccups and delays paying employees, who shouldn’t feel any changes happening within the payroll department. Then, the new payroll lead has […]

The Global Payroll Model Of The Future

Lack of control over in-country providers, long deployment times, and elevated costs are part of the traditional aggregator service model, which for long has been the only option for large multinational companies to manage their global payroll. However, in the last few years, an alternative has appeared in the market to challenge the aggregators’ offering […]

Building Better Integration Between HR And Payroll: a conversation with Grant Thornton’s Miranda Humphries

Over the last few years, at Payzaar we’ve had hundreds of conversations with payroll leaders at multinational organizations. Each company has its own unique set of challenges, but there’s a recurring challenge that keeps popping up: integration between HR and payroll. Our friends in the industry report dedicating around 60% of their time to pre-payroll […]


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