Payroll Strategy Webinar Series

Managing payrolls across different countries is complex and challenging: staying up-to-date with constant changes in local regulations, working with different local payroll systems, coordinating interfaces with HR systems, and consolidating data from different data sources.

At the same time, the payroll function in many companies today is expected to do “more with less”, i.e optimize their cost base and deliver better service. That’s the reason many organizations are re-evaluating their global payroll strategies and looking to streamline and simplify their global payroll operations.

However, such a global transformation is not an easy endeavour. Key questions to be answered include:

  • Why transition towards a global model?
  • What strategic design options make sense?
  • How to avoid common implementation pitfalls?

Watch our three-part webinar series “Designing and Executing a Global Payroll Strategy” to learn about the do’s and don’ts of a successful Global Payroll Transformation:

Webinar #1

WHY: The Case for a Global Payroll Model

Why you should consider a Global Payroll Model

Webinar #2

WHAT: Designing a Global Payroll Strategy

What deployment options make sense for your
Global Payroll Model

Webinar #3

HOW: Pitfalls in Rolling Out a Global Payroll Solution

How to avoid costly mistakes in setting up a
Global Payroll Model


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