Global Payroll

The Global Payroll Challenge

Managing payroll across different countries is a very complex undertaking. It requires local payroll solutions with local experts on the ground to ensure compliance with the different, ever changing local regulations and policies. So most multinational companies end up having to manage dozens of local, disjoint payroll solutions or payroll service providers. Which creates several challenges:

Lack of Visibility

No consolidated view of all your payroll data to aggregate and compare important payroll information across the entire organization

Lack of Controls

Difficult to monitor and track the proper execution of payroll operations at the local level, creating potential compliance exposure

Lack of Efficiency

Lots of different local systems and processes make it difficult to drive efficiency in the day-to-day payroll operations

Lack of Benchmarks

Often difficult to assess the capabilities and service quality of your local payroll vendor compared to other local service providers

Enter Payzaar!

Payzaar is the first open market place for global payroll

Payzaar is an innovative, next-generation solution for companies looking to address their global payroll challenges. Payzaar is building the first open marketplace for global payroll, quickly and seamlessly connecting the local payroll vendors of your choice in our central platform. Payzaar is the "glue" between your different local payroll solutions.

With the Payzaar platform, you can harmonize and integrate all your payroll processes and payroll data globally in one place, with one globally consistent user experience:

  • Single place to enter your input data
  • Single place to track your payruns
  • Single place to report all your payroll data
  • Single place to monitor payroll compliance

The best part is that you can get all this with minimal disruption and technical intervention. Thanks to our highly configurable system, we can get you up and running in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

  • Open

    Open to any vendor, hence easy to connect to your existing local payroll partners

  • Connected

    Providing an integrated view of all your global payroll processes and data

  • Transparent

    Delivering real insights and benchmarks about your payroll operations

The Payzaar Difference

Traditional Global Payroll Solutions Have Significant Flaws

Traditional global payroll providers will sell customers on their global coverage, streamlined payroll operations, and simplified global contracts. They will often emphasize the famous "one-throat-to-choke" benefit. However, as many customers are finding out once they have deployed these solutions, the model of these traditional payroll providers -- often referred as an aggregator model -- is flawed with significant limitations and challenges.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Payzaar vs. traditional aggregators:

Traditional Aggregators

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  • No choice of local vendor, bound to the vendors that the aggregator has selected
  • Must “rip and replace” existing vendors
  • Time consuming, disruptive & costly!
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  • Rigid, centralistic, prescriptive approach
  • One-size-fits-all approach
  • Little flexibility given to customers and providers to adjust the service scope to their needs.
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  • Limited access given to resolve issues directly with local vendors.
  • Limited transparency provided regarding performance of local vendors
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High Cost

  • High setup cost — rip & replace takes often months
  • Monopolistic price premiums
  • Ongoing fees often 2-5 times higher than typical local market rates


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Open / Free Choice

  • Freely chose your local vendor
  • Either your existing vendor or a new partner
  • Minimize operational disruption — no rip & replace!
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  • Payzaar platform is highly configurable
  • Built to YOUR needs, not some centralistic standards
  • Supports inhouse and outsourced payroll models
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  • Get detailed insights of your local payroll operations — what works, what doesn’t
  • Always remain in control of your relationship with your local provider
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Low Cost

  • Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional global payroll solutions
  • Fair market rates through competition
  • Minimal upfront investment due to fast implementation

Benefits for Clients and Partners

Benefits to Clients
  • Up & running in hours instead of months
  • Consolidated global reporting tailored to your needs
  • Single production control dashboard to monitor and control all local payroll processes
  • Consistent global user experience by transacting through common Payzaar hub
  • Insights into vendors' true strengths & weaknesses based on actual client reviews
Benefits to Partners
  • Retain existing clients instead of losing them to a multinational competitor
  • Attract new multinational clients that you are unable to target with your local solution today
  • More flexibility than working through traditional multinational payroll aggregator
  • Gain visibility on vendor review portal based on quality of service not size of marketing budget

The Payzaar Solution

Four Core Pillars Are Driving Payzaar's Global Payroll Market Place

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