Global Payroll

The Global Payroll Challenge

Running a global payroll is a complex undertaking for most multinational companies. Complying with different, often intricate local regulations, staying abreast of frequent changes to those regulations, facing the risk of significant penalties for non-compliance are all factors that lead most companies to outsource their payroll operations to local payroll partners with experts on the ground. However, even with the help of local payroll partners, significant challenges remain. If you have employees on your payroll who are spread across a number of different countries, chances are you are struggling with some of the following challenges of running a global payroll:

  • Lots of different local payroll partners to manage across all countries
  • Multitude of different systems and processes across the payroll operations in various countries
  • Lack of global oversight over the status and potential issues in your local payroll processes
  • No or very limited global reporting that aggregates and consolidates payroll data across the different countries
  • Ensuring compliance with constantly changing local laws and regulations impacting payrolls and required deductions
  • No real benchmarks just how well your local payroll provider actually performs compared to other local vendors

And the current global payroll solutions from the traditional payroll players that are aiming to address these challenges all suffer the same "fatal" flaws by requiring:

  • Disruptive rip & replace of existing local payroll solutions
  • Long, cumbersome implementations, often many months to cover all local countries
  • High cost, both initial implementation cost and ongoing monthly service fees

Enter Payzaar!

Payzaar is the first open, connected and transparent market place for global payroll

Payzaar is here to revolutionize the global payroll market. Payzaar is the first open, connected and transparent marketplace for global payroll solutions. By connecting local payroll providers to the Payzaar hub, we make them part of an integrated global solution that consists of consolidated global reporting, global payroll operations controls and a single global user experience.

The best part is that we can do so with minimal disruption by leveraging existing relationships with local payroll providers. Thanks to our highly configurable system we can get you up and running in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Payzaar is based on our firm belief in the power of free markets that are founded on transparency, choice and competition and that thrive on efficiency and innovation.

  • Open

    Open to any vendor, hence easy to extend to your existing vendor relationships

  • Connected

    Providing an integrated view of all your global payroll process and data

  • Transparent

    Delivering real insights and benchmarks about your local vendors

Open Network

Payzaar is an open network that is available to any local vendor and allows vendors to readily integrate their services into a holistic global solution. No need to switch your current vendors, just connect them into our global network and benefit from our global solution in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Payzaar also helps to create full transparency regarding vendor strengths and weaknesses by publishing vendors stats and client feedback. Payzaar gives you the choice to work with the vendors that best suit your needs.

Global Reporting

Payzaar lets you aggregate all your local payroll data globally so you can look at the big picture and compare across countries. Our reporting tool is flexible so you can configure your global payroll reports to your specific reporting needs, making sure they are meaningful and being used. In addition, you can drill into the data down to the individual line item to see all the details in real time.

Operations Controls

Payzaar offers you a comprehensive operations dashboard so you can track the status of your monthly payroll runs across all countries and intercept any issues in real time. Payzaar also works with local payroll providers to ensure highest operational standards and excellence in compliance with all local and international regulations.

Data Integration

With Payzaar’s innovative data integration tool we help clients to connect their core HR data – whether already captured in a consolidated HR System of Record or being pulled from a variety of online or offline sources – to the payroll system of the local payroll partner of their choice. The data integration tool supports a mix of automated data feeds, uploads of flat files as well as manual data entries. Digitize and automate your data capture – no more need to fax or call in data – and avoid costly and error-prone re-entry of data.

The Payzaar Difference

Traditional Global Payroll Solutions with Significant Challenges

For the past decade, traditional payroll providers have been offering global payroll solutions through what is known as an aggregator model. They use their own local payroll operations (usually covering anywhere from 5-15 countries) complemented with a network of strategic partners where they lack their own on-the-ground subsidiaries to provide extensive global payroll coverage to their clients. While the underlying solutions remain local, they aggregate these solutions under a common umbrella: single global contract and pricing, global reporting and global management tools.

However, these traditional global payroll solutions come with a number of important compromises:

Closed Network

No choice of local vendor, bound to the vendors that the aggregator has selected. Must “rip and replace” existing vendors – time consuming, disruptive & costly!

One-size-fits-all solutions

Rigid, centralistic approach. Very limited flexibility given to clients and local providers to adjust the service scope to their needs.

Lack of Transparency

Limited transparency regarding performance of local vendors, largely being kept under wraps by central aggregator.

High Price Points

Aggregators frequently charge rates 50-200% higher than local domestic market rates.

Side-by-side Comparison: Payzaar vs. Traditional Solutions

Payzaar Traditional
Network Open — Freely choose your local partner, either your existing partner or any new partner Closed — Local partner being dictated by aggregator, cannot switch vendors
Implementation Fast & efficient — Hours or days, leveraging existing local vendors Slow & costly — Weeks to months, rip & replace existing local vendors
Transparency Comprehensive — Direct access to local vendors to address issues directly Limited — Often no direct access to local vendor, issues not openly addressed
Reporting Flexible — Can be configured to client's needs Rigid — Stipulated centrally by aggregator
Service Scope & Service Levels Flexible — Can be configured to client's needs Rigid — Pre-defined centrally by aggregator
Competition Encouraged — Free choice of vendors Limited to none — No real choice of vendors
Price Points Competitive — Market-driven, based on open choice and local competition Expensive — Monopolistic, based on lock-in and lack of local competition
General Mentality Customer Centric — Free Market: Open, Flexible, Transparent Vendor Centric — Planned Economy: Closed, Rigid, Opaque

Payzaar is the only global payroll platform in the market that delivers an
open, flexible and affordable solution!

Benefits for Clients and Partners

Benefits to Clients
  • Up & running in hours instead of months
  • Consolidated global reporting tailored to your needs
  • Single production control dashboard to monitor and control all local payroll processes
  • Consistent global user experience by transacting through common Payzaar hub
  • Insights into vendors' true strengths & weaknesses based on actual client reviews
Benefits to Partners
  • Retain existing clients instead of losing them to a multinational competitor
  • Attract new multinational clients that you are unable to target with your local solution today
  • More flexibility than working through traditional multinational payroll aggregator
  • Gain visibility on vendor review portal based on quality of service not size of marketing budget

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