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Payzaar – The 21st Century Way of Running Global Payroll


Connect and manage all your local payrolls in one global platform


Leverage your existing local payroll solutions, configure to your needs


Obtain unparalleled insights into your global payroll data and operations


Get your fully integrated global payroll at competitive local price points

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Payzaar gives you complete control over your payroll

The Payzaar Global Payroll Hub is a powerful platform that helps you to streamline your global payroll operations and gain unparalleled insights into your global employee bases and payroll data. No matter in which far-flung corners of the world your business operates, we bring it all together for you.


Key features include:

Centralized Data Imports

Process Monitoring

Task Management

KPI Tracking

Secure Collaboration

Consolidated Reporting

Compliance Dashboard

Audit Vault

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Payzaar is the next stage in global payroll

Tired of global payroll solutions that…

Require you to rip and replace your existing local payroll solutions?
Take months and years to implement?
Keep you locked in with limited control over your local service?
Charge fees that are 3-5 times the regular market rates?

Payzaar is breaking the compromises that traditional global payroll solution have imposed on customers for much too long.

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