Payzaar For Providers

Payzaar’s innovative Payroll Operations & Collaboration Platform helps you manage your payroll operations and compliance requirements in a secure, reliable and efficient manner. Key benefits are:

Effective Customer Collaboration

Streamlined & Automated Processes

Strong Security & Data Protection

100% Data & Process Transparency

These advanced capabilities will help you attract new customers and retain existing ones. The best part is that our modern, cloud-based solution is designed to be very configurable and self-service enabled, easy to deploy with any payroll backend. Implementation takes a few hours, not weeks or months (as is the case with traditional solutions). Amongst our customer base, we are already supporting 4 of the Top 10 global accounting firms to run their payroll services in a more efficient and reliable manner using our award-winning technology platform.

Payzaar is a platform that helps you to organize your work and collaborate more effectively with your customers and is NOT a payroll engine.


Many payroll providers today still operate their payroll processing based on email, phone and clunky FTP servers and sending file attachments between their payroll service team and the customer. They offer their customers very limited self-service functionality so customer needs to call in to get updates and get queries answered. And they manage their internal service operations based on spreadsheets and Outlook calendars.
If you are a payroll provider and find yourself in this situation, there are three reasons why you should think about upgrading your payroll operations to a modern, user-friendly payroll management platform:

Customers want it

Customers are increasingly looking for state-of-the-art technology when choosing a payroll solution. Technology-enabled user experience will allow you to differentiate yourself from other vendors and will increase the “stickiness” of your service.

GDPR mandates it

Under the new GDPR regulation, payroll providers will have increased responsibilities as a Data Processor and will be subject to an onerous penalty regime and customers will choose vendors who can demonstrate strong GDPR compliance.

You gain from it

By using modern, digitized workflow tools you will be able to significantly increase the productivity of your team. Systematically track all operational KPIs across all your customers to proactively identify areas of improvement (externally or internally).

Ultimately deploying a cutting-edge payroll operations solution will have the following impacts for your business:

Payroll Directory

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Effective Customer Collaboration

Communicate and collaborate with your customers in a modern, online environment, making it easy and efficient for customers to navigate step by step through the entire payroll cycle.

Specific features include:

Streamline & Automate Processes

Increase operational efficiency by digitizing your workflows, automatically triggering follow-ups and closely monitoring the status of the task completion against deadlines.

Specific features include:

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Strong Security & Data Protection

By executing your payroll through the Payzaar platform, you take advantage of our built-in secure data handling and communication capabilities that conform with GDPR standards and provide you with “GDPR compliance in a box”.

Specific features include

100% Data & Process Transparency

Provide deep insights into payroll data, statutory filing status and process performance to the customer, and evaluate your own team’s performance based on key operational KPIs.

Specific features include:

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